7 Tips to Choosing a Lacoste Polo Shirts

7 Tips to Choosing a Lacoste Polo Shirts

You’ve probably seen a lot of ads on the radio and on television promising the next big thing in men’s fashion, the new Lacoste Polo Shirt. It has been getting a lot of attention since it was first introduced nearly 20 years ago. The shirts have always been well crafted, but the designs and patterns have changed dramatically over the years. It wasn’t long before Lacoste took advantage of the Polo Shirt craze to make their clothing lines even more trendy. Now these famous brand shirts are often worn by celebrities. Below we will examine the different aspects of Lacoste Polo Shirts and how to determine if it’s a real brand worth wearing or just a cheaply made replica.

First, your best method to make sure you’re buying an authentic Lacoste polo shirts is to purchase it directly from the Lacoste Store. Although, if you’re purchasing a Lacoste Polo Shirt from somewhere else, like from an online retailer, you need to look for some obvious signs of counterfeit merchandise. First, check for logos that aren’t clear. Real brand logos are printed in a clear, uniform font. In addition, there should be a serial number, which can usually be located on the back of the neck.

Second, check the fabric. Real Lacoste Polo Shirts is made from 100% cotton; Ralph Lauren products are not. Typically, a real Lacoste polo shirt will have a color range that runs from a light tan to dark brown. Ralph Lauren products on the other hand, fall into a light blue-green color range. A real Polo Shirt made by Ralph Lauren typically won’t have any sort of color range.

Third, check the material. Real Ralph Lauren polo shirts feature genuine leather, while most knockoffs are made from either vinyl or cheap fabrics. Real, original Ralph Lauren shirts are always made using genuine leather, while knockoff versions will typically feature cotton as the fabric of choice. The classic fit of a Ralph Lauren shirt is also an indicator that it’s a real article, and one you won’t find in a cheaper version anywhere else.

Fourth, check the sizing. All Real Ralph Lauren polos are sized on a standard size scale, with the shoulders being the largest. All other variations between the sizing of the real item and the knockoff aren’t too big of a deal. However, if you’re looking for an extra-large Ralph Lauren shirt, then you’ll definitely want to stick with a real article.

Fifth, when it comes to sizing, remember that bigger is always better when it comes to polos. Real Ralph Lauren shirts are sold in both long torso and short torso formats, so regardless of your body type, you can usually find a polo that will fit you. Plus, long torso Ralph Lauren are generally made from a more durable fabric than those sold for shorter bodies, meaning that they’ll last much longer and look better overall. Some fake Ralph Lauren polos are sold as long-cardigan style shirts, which are fine for some but not so great when it comes to actually fitting the way they’re made.

Sixth, avoid those mass-produced, unbranded Ralph Lauren shirts that feature the Ralph logo on the front. Yes, they might be relatively inexpensive and you might not have to worry about them lasting all that long, but chances are they’ll wear out before you even get a chance to wear them out. Real photos, especially those with the RACO logo on the back, are made from the finest fabric and have been crafted to withstand frequent washings and dry-cleaning. Even those mass-produced cotton shirts with the Ralph Lauren emblem on the front are sturdier than their more expensive counterparts and will typically last for many more seasons. These real Ralph Lauren shirts can last for five seasons if properly maintained, meaning that even if you buy the cheapest shirt you can find, it won’t cost you nearly as much as a real Ralph Lauren shirt will.

Seventh, if possible, avoid wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt when playing tennis or any other sport. While it’s true that Ralph does make quality sports apparel, the quality of these tennis shirts is a bit overrated. Ralph’s tennis shirts are usually manufactured in sweatshops where the workers have little or no freedom to enjoy sick days or vacations. Ralph Lauren tennis shirts are also made in countries with terrible working conditions and are therefore an extremely pricey product to purchase. Real Ralph Lauren tennis shirts are a far cry from the sweatshops of South America and the conditions that are often found there, making them a better value for money.

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