Elastic Slim Pants - A Classic American Fashion Style

Elastic Slim Pants – A Classic American Fashion Style

Elastic Slim Pants has been a popular style for men for over 50 years. It is a fashion trend that has continuously evolved. Their popularity continues to grow and with the changing times, it is no longer confined to the ‘square’ type of pants that you might see in some department stores. They are no longer only worn by men, but women and even teenagers are getting into the groove of these classic American fashion styles.

Before we explore some of the latest trends in fashion, let us look at how elastic, slim pants got its name. Slim Pants first came into existence during the Vietnam War, when they were used by US Marines to keep their pants fit while on duty. At that time, it was considered a good idea to cover the lower part of the legs of a soldier to prevent foot chafing. However, the Marines were not allowed to wear regular pants as they were considered to be utilitarian in nature and therefore were not ideal for active duty.

When the war ended, the leather version of slim pants became popular in general and so did its variants, especially the non-leather version. Though they were lightweight and comfortable, they still provided protection for the feet and legs. It was only when army officers saw them worn by professional athletes, sailors and soldiers that they saw the need to have them produced for civilian use. They were therefore dubbed as “Elastic Slim Pants”.

By now, it should be clear that Elastic Slim Pants is no longer just for the United States Marines. And indeed, there are some top fashion designers who wear them while attending events like Cannes Film Festival. In fact, a huge part of the men’s fashion world is now dedicated to these slim pants. You would be hard pressed to find a male designer who doesn’t own one.

If you are going to buy slim pants, then do not worry about cost. They are available in a wide range of prices and brands. From more affordable to more costly brands, you will be able to find something that suits your budget.

As mentioned earlier, the most common colour in which they are worn is black, as is apparent from the designs of most of the brands available. Black leather trousers are also still popular, especially when paired with a pair of classy chinos. The other colours include blue, brown, khaki, green, olive, red, white and yellow. There are a lot of options for you to choose from and you can pick the colour that suits you best, whether it is black or something else.

The colours that have a strong presence in fashion have to do with stretch pants. The style of the fabric has evolved and as a result the variety has also increased. When the elastic trousers were first introduced, the choices were not as numerous as what we have today. Today, there are many fashion designers that adding them to their collections and provide them with the latest designs.

You will be able to find them from an online retailer, from a store near you or from your local specialist wholesale clothing store. Online retail is the most convenient way to purchase, as you will get access to all the different brands and their sizes, and also the discount available. You will find a wide range of styles for your pockets and then you can order them all in one place and check out the collection on the website that offers the best prices.

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