How To Dress Up Linen Shirts For Any Occasion

How To Dress Up Linen Shirts For Any Occasion?

You’ve probably never considered linen shirts for formal occasions like weddings or corporate events. It’s a look that’s been seen a million times over and usually reserved for dressy type situations. But the humble linen shirt deserves more than that, and thankfully, some brands are giving it just that much more attention it deserves. Linen shirts have been made in all manner of fun shapes and cuts, and as ever, they stay a solid choice as the warmer months begin.

Linen apparel is also ideal for more casual occasions, because it can be worn for work or play with confidence. Many people own a few pairs in their regular wardrobe because of how easy they are to wear. These garments are so comfortable, in fact, that you’ll likely forget you’re wearing them, especially if you have a glass of lemonade or a cup of coffee in the morning. The fact that linen shirts can be easily dressed down or dressed up is another reason why they remain so popular. This summer, here are a few ways you can incorporate linen shirts into your wardrobe and give yourself a bit of a head start towards warmer weather:

A casual wedding, at any event, can benefit from a few linen shirts. Because they’re so flattering on the body, a top can help dress down a more formal dress while still providing a bit of a coverage for those pesky bits of spare skin below the hem. Or go for a nice tailored jacket in linen, which you can team with your linen pants for a classy, sophisticated look that’s a bit more dressed up than casual but still cool enough for a night out on the town. A linen jacket will also keep you looking cool in the warmer months, whether you choose trousers or skirts.

The most flattering form of any linen shirt is a 100% cotton one. While a linen blouse might be cool and pretty, it’s not really meant to work with any other fabric. For example, silk shirts don’t do cotton shirts well (the fabric is too breathable). Trousers made from cotton are a good choice because they can be quite warm when worn with a matching jacket – a cotton shirt paired with a pair of cotton trousers makes a great wardrobe combination.

Linen fabric is also ideal for summer. It’s extremely water resistant thanks to a special treatment that gives it a natural resistance to water. If you get your linen shirts made from 100% Egyptian cotton, you can count on being incredibly comfortable in the warm weather, no matter what the season. The fabric even resists wrinkles, making it great for the summer months and even great for getting away on vacation – you can get away without putting on and off all season long because your linen clothing is so breathable!

Dressing up a linen shirt for a night out can be a lot of fun! One easy way to turn an ordinary linen shirt into an extra special outfit is to pair it with a pair of shorts. Linen shorts are great for all sorts of occasions, but especially for evenings out. Many linen shirts come in long sleeve varieties, which means you can dress the shirt up with a pair of shorts and save yourself some neckline work. You’ll also have the added benefit of being able to show off your new shorts to everyone you know!

Of course, dressing up linen shirts for evenings requires a few more accessories than a pair of shorts. One of the most popular ways to turn a linen top into a dress is to add a fitted jacket. Fitted jackets in a range of colors, fabrics, and styles are very popular for evening wear, especially for events like proms and weddings. For a more tailored look, opt for a pearl buttons collar, which looks fantastic with linen pants in a number of colors and patterns.

And for the true fashion aficionados, there are a couple of other ways to turn linen shirts into an ideal fabric for any occasion. One is to pair a linen top with a pair of flax seed earrings – a timeless combination that will never go out of style. Another fun idea is to drape a linen blouse over a linen skirt; this works especially well if you have a bit of a French twist to your look (for example, by wearing a white linen dress with a pair of vintage lace-up stilettos). A lot of fashion designers are experimenting with different combinations of fabrics to create new and exciting outfits – so make sure to give linen shirts a chance.

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