Important Features to Look For When Purchasing Tactical Pants

Important Features to Look For When Purchasing Tactical Pants

Tactical pants were designed by the U.S. Military, primarily for use by Marine Troops and Army Grenadiers. Today they are used by many US Military and law enforcement personnel. Tactical pants have a number of differences from regular motorcycle pants, however they are designed for rugged use in combat and to provide greater mobility for those who need it most. Tactical pants are often referred to as “brown pants,” or “duty pants.” The pants have a great deal of functionality and utility, which is why they have become so popular among the regular military and police crowd.

These pants will typically have one of three features: drawstring-fly opening, double stitching around the legs, or a combination of drawstring and double stitching. There will also be one or two zippers in each leg, as well as cargo pockets and a pair of ankle zips. A heavy duty pair of tactical pants will typically have all these features and be made of a material that is 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. A standard pair of motorcycle pants will be composed of a material that is a lot less resistant to tear and wear, which will tend to make them much more worn out quickly.

In addition to the feature mentioned above, many tactical pants have an adjustable drawstring or a hook and loop strap which adds additional comfort and flexibility. The design of the zippers and the stitching can also vary significantly, and some feature snap closures while others use key lock. Some tactical pants have a single pocket located at the front of the pant, while others have multiple pockets; a common feature found on today’s tactical pants. Many designs, such as the tactile pants mentioned above, will include both a front zipper pocket and a back zipper pocket.

There are a few things to look for when purchasing any type of force 10 AC cargo pants or other tactical gear. One important thing to consider is whether or not the zippers or other areas of the gear are made of high quality military grade materials. Some of the highest quality tactical gear will come with a rubber backing, while others will come with a leather backing.

Two other features to consider are whether or not the tactical pants have front or back pockets, as well as whether or not they have pleated leg seams. High quality tactical pants will not only feature strong, durable materials, but will also feature strategically placed pockets. These pockets will usually be used for holding different pieces of equipment, such as cell phones, keys, writing supplies, magazines, bandannas, water bottles, extra pair of shoes, etc. Although these pockets can make tactical pants extremely efficient and functional, they can also make them difficult to clean. A high quality pair of tactical pants will have leg seams that will help keep things from getting caught inside, as well as have strategically placed pockets designed to allow you to easily reach the items you need.

A final feature to look for when purchasing a pair of comfortable tactical pants is a pair that is manufactured using the latest fabrics and technology. This is especially important for any type of military gear, because not all material is created equally. If your pants aren’t highly comfortable, or are uncomfortable in general, you will want to pass on the purchase. Luckily, there are a number of highly popular companies that are known for making highly comfortable tactical pants. A good example is Black Wolf Gear. For a great assortment of comfortable tactical pants, check out Black Wolf Gear.

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