Supreme Shirt and Tee Available Now

Supreme Shirt and Tee Available Now

When it comes to quality and style, nothing comes close to the original Supreme tee Shirt. The brand was founded by none other than the legendary artist, Louis Vuitton designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. With an unparalleled reputation for cutting-edge, high fashion, the line first made its mark with its famous “Baby Phat” line. It has since grown to encompass an incredible line of products including women’s and men’s clothing, footwear, belts, hats, watches and more. Known for its sleek, sophisticated styling and patent leather, this iconic fashion label remains a staple in the world of fashion today. Here are some of the latest and greatest Supreme tee Shirt designs that will not be leaving your closet.

Supreme Hoodie – “Naked Ladies” Supreme Hoodie is another collaboration between renowned American designer’s Christian Audigier and Terry Richard, who brought you the very popular “Trace Bag” and the equally popular “Box Logo Tee.” The new Audigier tee shirt is designed to look and feel like a high-quality leather bag with removable sleeves and a zipper closure at the top. Each piece in the new series is made of canvas embroidery and has been designed to stand up to heavy wear. The soft canvas and Terry Richardson fabric allow for a lightweight, comfortable design that is easy to care for and wear. Terry Richard and Christian Audigier will be bringing their expertise to the new skate wear line.

Supreme Photoshoot Portrait Tee – “Shaniqwa Jarvis” The new “photoshoot” Supreme Shirt series brings back the vintage feel with a modern twist. This shiqwa Jarvis print is made of a soft, but strong and durable material that will last a long time. The front of each shirt is “printed” with a stencil that was hand-painted on by the two tattoo artists that created the artwork for the shirts. They are the ones who originally designed the shiqwa design back in 1996. They will be re-releasing this “photoshoot” as part of their line of shiqwa apparel, and you will only get them when you order the new “photoshoot” shirts.

Prove It! Shirts – “Prove It!” will be available at select stores and will feature a tri-fold printing process. The shirts are made of 100% cotton, has screen printed graphics on the front, and a front panel that is printed with your favorite photos. The back of each shirt has a coordinating background image, and the inside of each tee is printed with your favorite photos in black and white. This new brand from New York has a simple concept, and it’s sure to make a splash wherever it goes.

Book Volumes – “Book Volumes” will be available as a limited edition, four-pocket book with an original art design by Davis and Richards. Each page will contain a different song, and the four pocket pages of each book will contain a different artist’s name. People who order “Book Volumes” will receive a totally unique promo video, featuring Davis and Richards do their own artistic take on one of their own fan favorites.

Albums – “The Making of New York” will be available in both a standard release and a limited edition collector’s set edition, featuring never-before-seen video shots of the band in their early days. The standard album will include a CD, a digital download card, a hardcover book, a four-page gallery, a deluxe double sided gatefold jacket, and a signature sticker. Limited editions will feature a double vinyl album, a deluxe gatefold jacket, a signature double sided book, a four-page gallery, and a memorabilia wallet. The limited edition also contains a memorabilia wallet and a pre-production video. Both versions will include high-definition video shots of the band members performing live at various shows.

Video Skateboard DVD’s – “The Making of Skateboarding: Part 1″ will feature footage from the filming of the massively popular video for ” NSFL: Nothing Like the Real Thing,” the first full-length instructional video for professional skateboarding. The video will show the evolution of the sport from its beginnings in Japan to the height of popularity that it enjoys today. “The Making of Skateboarding: Part 2” will feature footage from the filming of the second major skateboarding movie of all time, “The Game.” The video will show the evolution of skateboarding from its humble beginnings to the present.

All of these items are available as either a shirt or Tee. You can order your tee today and have it shipped directly to you in time for you to wear on the date of the event that you’ve ordered the shirts for. If you are unable to make it to New York to participate in the Ultimate Skateboarding tournament, you won’t be stuck wearing the shirt. Order one today and be ready to face the world with a confident sense of self-confidence.

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