Wear Camo Pants to Work

Wear Camo Pants to Work

Camo pants are well known for their bold, loud patterns. They are perfect for making statements with the rest of your wardrobe. People who don’t like their pants to be too loud often choose camo pants with a loud print. These look good in a number of situations and are perfect for every day wear. Buy these when you need to rock an army theme as your main statement.

If you don’t already own a pair of these, they make great buys because they are versatile, comfortable and casual all at once. Wear a pair of these to the office to show your class and wear them to casual get-togethers with your friends. If you have always wanted to wear camo pants with feminine tops, these will be your best bet since they go well with almost any outfit.

If you are someone who loves to have fun with an edgy and unique twist to your clothes, then wearing a pair of camo pants with a polo shirt can be a fun way to combine two styles. You can turn a pair of jeans into the latest trend or you can turn a pair of tank tops into something that is edgy but still in style. There are a lot of ways you can wear a polo shirt to match a pair of camo pants. You can go for a casual but edgy look by wearing the same shirt with a thicker fabric on the bottom than the shirt. A thick, bright red bottom will draw a lot of attention to your legs and you can wear it in the summer to create contrast.

You can also opt for a contrasting top when you are wearing your camo pants with a tank top. The contrast can be a plain colored tank top that has a patterned hem. You can also opt for a printed pair of sweat pants. This will create a great contrast between the top and pants.

Another great way to combine these two wardrobe staples is to pair a pair of sneakers with your camo pants. If you choose to do this, make sure you pair your sneakers with a fairly thin, flexible pair of socks. Your sneakers should not be too dressy or they will stick out. You can usually find a pair of sneakers in just about any style that will fit properly. Your sneakers will not only add interest to your outfit, but they will also keep you warm if it is cold outside.

Pairing camouflage pants with a camo shirt can be a great way to get the two books together. You can get the perfect look for any occasion by using these tips. You can choose the color and pattern of the top and the bottoms that will best compliment your camouflage pants. Then you can put a pair of camouflage sneakers on top to complete the look. The bottom piece of clothing should be a cotton/Lycra combination that offers support.

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